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Warner Bros

A trip to Warner Brothers World in Abu Dhabi brings back fond childhood memories
It all started when Disney opened up “Disneyland” – an escape into a magical place! From beloved characters like Mickey Mouse coming up to greet you to thrilling rides that bring back that child-like excitement, theme parks slowly eased their way into our lives.
One such latest addition to my second home, the UAE is the Warner Bros. W...


Adventure of a lifetime
Account of an unusual trip to Mabul Island and the memories it left behind
A lot of words come to mind as I sit down to describe my experience at Mabul. But where do I even begin? Do I talk about the beauty of this relatively unexplored island or do I talk about the inhabitants who are the very definition of Malaysian hospitality? The series of unusual events that came along with it or the odd ...


Sunshine almost always makes me high
It is next to impossible to catch sunrise on Mount Batur and not hum Denver’s classic. If not loudly, at least in your head
It came at the end of a seemingly endless trek up an active volcano in pitch darkness and a long wait in weather that kept getting colder as the sweat on our backs dried. But sharp at 6:15 all discomfort, all signs of exhaustion and achy limbs disappeared. Ins...


Plan e
Summer of 2020 was supposed to be in sunkissed Europe, but it all went wrong and now your next holiday won’t be before ’21. Now, that’s no reason to stop planning. In fact, we’ve decided to help you out with our ace guide to planning a holiday in Europe
This article is actually inspired by my close friend. After months of planning, careful calculations of accumulated privileged leaves and a...

Niagara Falls

Forget Katy Perry’s lyrics, when 3,160 tons of water fall 51 metres at an average speed of 32 feet per second, all you hear is a roar
Just 80 feet from impact point on board the Hornblower cruise boat, the roar is enormous and we need to shout to be heard. And we’re quite wet in spite of the red waterproof ponchos made from recyclable plastic that we are wearing. If there was even a shred...