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Flying in the time of Corona

Truth be told there wasn’t much flying happening these past few months, but the history of Corona cannot be told without mentioning how the world’s airline industry faced this challenge
Before we begin, I must tell you all that this isn’t another story on the business of the airline industry, how this virus has stopped the industry in its tracks and how it now plans to get back. No, you shouldn’t be looking at this story for that kind of information to cut down your corporate boredom. This is ...

Private Jet – Your Best Asset During And After Covid-19

If you have the money and flying is a business requirement that you simply cannot forego, then private charter is probably your best bet to travel safely
A private jet is a good option for business travelers who are wondering how they can continue doing business during and after the uncertain Covid-19. The human interaction aspect in a business can never be replaced with virtual meeting options. CEOs, CFOs, Board Members and celebrities being physically present is an essential aspect of conduc...

Stars In Their Eyes

What’s the point of talking about aeroplanes and aviation when there’s nowhere to go in this day and age of the Corona. Instead, let’s look at the stars and the Star Wars inspired model space craft that Porsche Design has created in collab with Lucas Film
If you’re a child of the ‘80s or the ‘90s or the 2000s, there is absolutely no way you don’t know about Star Wars. Over a 32 year period, the franchise that started in 1977 with A New Hope, has moved far beyond the realm of ...

The Future Is In The Air

Everyone on this planet recognises the shape of an aeroplane, right? But do they know what an aircraft of the future might look like?
There’s something about the name Maverick. For those of you who would care to remember, it was Tom Cruise’s call sign in the 1986 blockbusting Hollywood production Top Gun. The movie with Cruise starring in the lead role of the swashbuckling US Navy pilot Pete Mitchell, didn’t just launch F-14 Tomcats off a pitching and heaving carrier deck but also flew Tom int...

Blimp On The Horizon

Long before the arrival of first and business classes in the airline industry, at the dawn of air travel, the airship was the epitome of luxury air travel
Have you guys heard of Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-AG? No, no, not Lufthansa. The one I’m talking about started operations about 43 years before Germany’s national carrier even existed. Frankly, it’s unlikely that you’d know about this company unless you’re a dyed in the wool aviation enthusiast for these chaps were the world’s first ever comme...

Democracy For The People

Plentiful availability and affordable fares, most of the time at least have made air travel a far more equitable place
Once upon a time, when I was a young boy, which was a long, long time ago as the white hairs on my chin will testify, I used to fly exactly twice a year. This used to be during the summer holidays when my lovely parents used to dispose of me to their parents. It was not an easy process, let me explain why, back in the 1990s, Indian Airlines had a scheme where school kids going...

Jet Age

In the world of the A380 and Dreamliner, few would remember the de Havilland Comet. Yet it was the Comet that flew travellers into the Jet age
Trans-Atlantic flights, internally pressurised fuselage (cabin) for passenger comfort at altitude, swept back wings, jet engines, fuel tanks integrated into the wings and bogie undercarriage are things we take for granted in 2019. Back in 1952 however, every single one of these aspects would have been sp...

The Longest Flight

When a bunch of men decide to not just restore a World War II vintage aircraft but also fly it around the world, it’s an insane tale of inspiration. This is the story of The Silver Spitfire
For the last couple of years, I have been faced with a personal struggle. I love cars and I’m particularly in love with my uncle’s 1939 Austin Seven, which he has said I can take. Although the car is in pretty good working order for an 80-year-old motorcar, my challenge has always been ...

Colours To Remember

The livery and symbols an aircraft wears send an important brand message. But there is an awful ‘whiteness’ to many liveries nowadays
Back in the day, there were only fewer airlines flying around Indian skies. Actually just two, Air India and Indian Airlines! You knew it when you saw an orange-tailed Indian Airlines Airbus A300 and when an Air India Boeing 747 with its still iconic ‘Palace in the Sky’ motif roamed the tarmac. Of course, those were also the days before secu...

Just How Far Can You Go?

At the Paris Air Show, big orders were few and far between. But there was new aircraft announcement that seems to have divided opinion, the Airbus A321 XLR
You might have flown on an Airbus A321, it is the slightly longer variant of the Airbus A320 that does service with several airlines in India and is the backbone of India’s domestic operations with over 300 in service. Kingfisher Airlines had the A321, Air India has a few and IndiGo is pressing the brand-new A321neo into service. The A321ne...