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About Us

Welcome to the world of Luxury Flying

A brand within the brand that resonates the true essence of Luxury and is defined as the epitome of luxury, based in India with a global presence and partnerships. Urbane Jets was incorporated in the year 2018 with a mission to make private flying easy for all.

At Urbane Jets, we leave no stone unturned to make you believe that you are nothing less than a royal. Our Founder Chairman Abhishek Kulkarni believes that this business is more to do with hospitality than mere transactions. And we at Urbane Jets like to believe that we display the true qualities of an Ultra Luxury hospitality brand for our quintessential customers.

With the pool of client base of close to forty thousand UHNI’s across the globe involving corporates & Business leaders, celebrities, artists, production houses, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Venture and many more, team Urbane Jets has proved time and again that sky is the limit. A brand that gives utmost importance to safety, hygiene, time management and above all, professionalism has lived up to its promise to consistently exceed the expectations of our evolved clientele.


Our History

Urbane Jets a venture that stems out of the parent company Urbane Luxury Ventures, which enjoys business interests into the Ultra Luxury space involving Real Estate, Media, Integrated Private Aviation, Marine, Celebrity Management, Healthcare, Liquor, Luxury E-tail, an international bespoke design firm and a bespoke, TaylorMade travel firm.

Urbane Luxury Ventures (ULV) was started in the year 2013 by Abhishek Kulkarni, an under graduate call center employee with only a mere dream of being an entrepreneur and bring in a positive change in the society. Started with Real Estate and within a span of just seven years, has successfully managed to diversify and successfully forayed into businesses into various sectors of luxury. With a not very long but a rock-solid history, Abhishek sees an immense potential in the Private Aviation and the overall luxury market globally the Urbane Family at all our offices strives and lives up to his vision each day.

What We Do

We offer integrated private aviation services like aircraft and helicopter sales, management and charter services spearheaded by highly professional and experienced team of aviation specialists.

Private Aircraft Charter
Every trip you plan is important to us - whether its business or leisure. With Urbane Jets, choose your time and destinations as per your convenience and enjoy a flying experience customised to suit your needs. Our specialist team is always on-hand to provide a solution for all your requirements.
Group Aircraft Charter
Whether it’s a corporate team traveling to a conference, a sports team wanting to reach the destination of its next match or a group of family and friends wanting to travel for a vacation; enjoy a hassle-free group travel with us. We deal with the air carrier on your behalf to ensure complete convenience.
Helicopter Charter
When you feel the need for private flying, it need not necessarily mean a private jet. We provide private helicopters as well for comfortable and convenient travel for 3-4 people, through licensed, reliable and reputed operators. Accessing remote locations for business or personal visits was never this easy.
Sales & Purchase
Trust us with all types of Aircraft and Helicopter sales and purchases in India and abroad starting with understanding requirement to identifying the aircraft or helicopter suitable to your needs to due diligence to the final transaction and ultimately delivery by ensuring a seamless experience throughout.
Aircraft Management
Urbane Jets offers Aircraft Management programs for aircraft owners, private individuals and corporations. This is considered a full-management service in which the owner transfers operational responsibilities to the aircraft management company. These services include: technical services such as maintenance and repairs, crew management such as hiring and payroll, training for crew personnel, security for the aircraft and travellers, and making sure regulatory compliances are met.
Our dedicated Concierge offers a range of bespoke services to meet all your luxury lifestyle needs, from VIP opera tickets to club level football game seats and michelin star restaurant reservations, to yacht charters and even sourcing the very best local guides. Our unrivalled expertise and insider contacts mean you can enjoy privileged access to some of the world’s most exclusive and enriching travel experiences. The possibilities are endless – from having dinner feeling like a Mossad spy in Egypt, to viewing masterpieces like the Mona Lisa in total seclusion at the Louvre in Paris, or even jumping out of a plane overlooking The Palm in Dubai we can make it happen.

About The Founder

Abhishek Kulkarni, a small town boy from Belgaum moved to Pune post his schooling to pursue further education but also with a childhood dream to become a successful entrepreneur. Abhishek’s college books soon got replaced with the Autobiographies of the stalwarts from the likes of Mr Ratan Tata, Sir Richard Branson and so on. Abhishek, who had decided to quit his studies during his graduation and reluctantly took up a job at a call centre to make ends meet, soon decided to resign after barely 5 years into the job to start his own business which was paying him close to Rupees Ten Thousand a month in April 2013 at the age of 25.

Abhishek became a Real Estate broker as he thought it was the only business which did not require any capital investment. The initials one year was very tough but he did not give up. It was 2014 when he got his first cheque as a Real Estate broker and there has been no looking back after that. He now heads nearly multiple multi-national ventures with business interests into various segments of Luxury. Abhishek has always believed since the first day into business that the potential into the Luxury space is immense and the world is yet to fill the void. The rising incomes and standard of living will compliment the businesses into the luxury space.